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The 15 Best Things to Do in Bullock County, Alabama

Bullock County: Deep in the heart of Alabama, a tapestry rich with cultural heritage, natural beauty, and history unfolds a guide to the fifteen best things to do and places not to miss in Bullock County.

Sleek County Courthouse: Located in Union Springs, the historic courthouse is a fine example of quality design from the Classical Revival period. But more than just a site of legal affairs, the courthouse sees a flurry of activity every single day. The clock tower is impressive; the front facade is an ideal spot for photos. In fact, the courthouse serves almost as a community center for events.

    Wehle Nature Center: Nature enthusiasts trekking and bird watching over miles at the Wehle Nature Center across hundreds of acres; literally dozens of different habitats and scores of native wildlife. The interactive museum has great exhibits, which teach visitors about the area’s ecological systems. It’s a great spot for family outings.

    Confederate Memorial Park: This park is historical and is located in Midway. Confederate veterans used to own this place, but now there is a museum with different things from the Civil War period estates, which offers visitors a reflection on the tumultuous past period of the region.

    Union Springs Theater Festival: An annual event that showcases multiple local talents in plays, live music, and visual arts. It is a cultural celebration that brings the community and guests into downtown Union Springs.

    Fishing at Lake Tholocco: Just outside Bullock County, there is beautiful Lake Tholocco. This is every angler’s paradise; the lake is stocked filled with a variety of fish, among them bass and crappie. It offers excellent sport fishing and its quiet quality is a place really to relax for the day and maybe even have a close encounter with nature.

    Bullock County Game Hunting: Union Springs in Bullock County is known for hosting an international game of events tagged as “Field Trial Capital of the World.” People from far and wide all over the world travel to be a part and view the prestigious bird dog hunting competitions that symbolize the county’s history.

    Historic Downtown Union Springs: Heading through the downtown of Union Springs feels like an old-time movie. Here visitors will find many impressive vintage buildings; for example, the Red Door Theater is a building with eight walls that has been transformed into a bustling art house for plays, concerts, and exhibitions.

    Chunnenuggee Fair: This is an annual well attended fair, named after a ridge Chunnenuggee, that Union Springs was built on. The fair show cases various arts and crafts, many traditional foods and live performances, thus marking a true festive occasion for the family.

    Bird Watching at Enon Plantation: With the large areas of natural untamed landscapes in Enon Plantation, the area is perfect for bird watching. The conservationist approach at the plantation insures the area continues to represent a home, especially during the migratory seasons, for a range of different bird species.

    Josephine Art Center: It supports the arts in Bullock County. Located within one of the most loving restorations of a building in the area, the center presents rotating art, workshops, and many cultural events that promote area talent and create community enrichment.

    Union Springs Country Club Golf: The 18-hole course is known for its scenic beauty and challenging play. The well-groomed fairways and greens give golfers at every level a beautiful experience, with Bullock County’s peacefulness in the back.

    Shorter Mansion: Visit the restored antebellum home and grandeur of the Shorter Mansion that gives one a peek into the life of the aristocracy in the South. The mansion has been filled with period furniture and d├ęcor, making the 19th century come to life through the eyes of a Southerner.

    Smokey Hollow Commemoration at Sardis: This touching place is a memorial to the community of Smokey Hollow. This was one of the African American neighborhoods moved in the mid-20th century. The site is a reminder of their heritage and tenacity within the community.

    Bullock County Scenic Loop: Travelers with a penchant for scenic drives will thrill at the views offered by the Bullock County Scenic Loop, as they amble through rolling hills past farms and historic sites that are typifying of the Alabama countryside.

    Bullock County Wildlife Festival: This locally celebrated event has been provided with wildlife exhibits that come with environmental education programs and outdoor activities that are bound to educate the general public upon the local wildlife and the process of conservation.

      From historical sites and natural beauty to cultural events, vibrant Bullock County just comes alive with these 15 activities that guarantee experiences of their own: here at Bullock County, you are assured of a good time; whether your interest is in history, nature, or flair for arts and culture.

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