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The 15 Best Things to Do in Butler County, Alabama

Butler County, Alabama: a gem nestled within the bosom of the Deep South; history, natural beauty, and vibrant community ingenuity. A little bit of something for all—history buff, nature lover, or culture vulture. Here’s a detailed look at the top 15 things to do in Butler County, providing a deeper insight into each activity.

Greenville Butler County Public Library
The Butler County Public Library in Greenville is more of a cultural beacon than simply a home for books. The library is hopping with events, from author readings and educational workshops to children’s story times. This is by far the best place to start the local culture immersion.

Sherling Lake Park
Sherling Lake Park is a true place to get back to nature, with greenery and silent lakes in the background. The campgrounds, picnic areas, fishing lakes with bass and catfish properly stocked, and hiking trails intrigue the imagination. This is the perfect place for family picnics, a fishing outing, or just a peaceful walk in the woods.

Ritz Theatre
It’s all a ‘buzz in Downtown Greenville at the historic Ritz Theatre, returned to its original 1930s look. Local play productions and live concerts are held here, but the real fun comes with the classic film shows. Catching the shows at the Ritz is part nostalgia piece, part top-quality entertainment.

Watermelon Jubilee
One of the most anticipated summer events in Greenville is the Watermelon Jubilee. Celebrations at this event include watermelon-eating contests, seed-spitting competitions, live music, and booths filled from homemade goods to local artwork. Like all the others, this one too represents an environment of cheerfulness and celebration where the spirit and hospitality of the community are in full evidence.

Confederate Park
Confederate Park is in downtown core of Greenville and the site of a grand Confederate monument that stands there beautifully landscaped for anybody who can find time during the day to be quiet, restful or perhaps lazy. Its central location makes it convenient for visitors touring downtown.

Hank Williams Museum
Country music fans cannot miss the Hank Williams Museum when in Georgiana. The museum is inside the singer’s boyhood home and offers a lot of insight into the early life of a country music megastar. Personal items, photographs, and memorabilia on display contribute to his rise to fame.

Cambrian Ridge
The Cambrian Ridge is part of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail and serves as a jewel with several courses, challenging all golfers at every caliber. The courses are famous for views, with not one aspect out of place. Not only will you get to enjoy some of Butler County’s finest scenery, but golfing here will bring you the challenge of the sport.

Butler County Fair
The Butler County Fair is an annual community celebration of local culture that includes traditional carnivals, animal shows, displays of agricultural crops, and several food vendors offering local cuisine. This is a family event with interesting exhibits depicting the agricultural origins of this area.

Antique Shopping in Downtown Greenville
The antique shops and boutiques around downtown Greenville are speckled with unique and historical pieces that have a story behind them, representing the rich past of this area. This kind of shopping is much more than just buying; it is learning the story and history behind each piece.

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Fort Dale Park
Fort Dale Park has a walking trail, sports fields, and simple hiking trails as recreational facilities. It serves as a centerpiece for local sports and outdoor activities, making it a perfect place to get involved with the residents of this community and experience it.

Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce
Visitors to the Greenville Area Chamber of Commerce can learn all about the area’s attractions, events, and area businesses. The Chamber sponsors in general events that encourage a high level of community involvement and obtain feel the economic and social fabric of Butler County.

Pioneer Farmsteaders Day
Pioneer Farmsteaders Day at the Butler County Fairgrounds is an example of folkways in this historical period. Participants in the event demonstrate customs such as old-time agricultural practices and crafts, including the making and showing of quilts and even blacksmithing, plus an exhibit of the antique farm equipment. It is really a cultural experience that richly displays the agriculture heritage of the area.

Greenville Art Council Gallery
The Gallery of the Greenville Art Council sponsors and encourages local artists; it constantly offers exhibitions to these artists. These exhibitions encompass a number of media types in which the artistic diversity and vibrancy in the community reflect. The gallery leads workshops and lectures, so it becomes a true center of learning and artistic appreciation.

Fishing at Patsaliga Creek
Patsaliga Creek is well-known for its clear, swift water and is popular in the summer months. It is also a favorite for some of the best bass and catfish fishing in the state. Through the quiet of the creek, skills of anglers let the iron beauty and abundant wildlife show itself.

Camellia City Fest
Named in honor of the nickname of Greenville, “The Camellia City,” the Camellia City Fest showcases the beauty and cultural significance of the flowers with garden shows, floral arrangement competitions and exhibits, along with educational seminars. Includes music, food, and crafts in celebrating both the natural and cultural richness of Butler County.

Exploring Butler County is at the heart of the South; a place where history, nature, and community all intersect. Each of the following fifteen activities gives new meaning toward a cultural and a land experience with a visitor to this unique place in Alabama.

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