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The 15 Best Things to Do in Calhoun County, Alabama

Calhoun County, Alabama: the heart of the state. From historical importance to cultural richness, from natural beauties to a vibrant region, Calhoun County offers to its tourists and residents alike. Whether you are interested in nature, history, culture, or entertainment, there are a lot of attractions and activities to do in Calhoun County. Here are 15 top things to do in Calhoun County, Alabama:

Look at the Anniston Museum of Natural History The Anniston Museum of Natural History is home to many exhibits of natural history artifacts from around the world. All of these can be viewed through seven exhibit halls, each including African Safari, DynaTheater, and an exhibit of mummies from Egypt. The museum is that great, full of any educational experience, giving an insight into the biodiversity of the planet.

Visited Cheaha State Park Cheaha State Park is a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts with the beautiful views from the top of the highest point in Alabama. Around the Appalachian Mountains, there have been many trails for hiking, many waterfalls, and campgrounds. Hiking, photography, camping, or just enjoying the serenity of nature—all this can be done in this area.

Berman Museum of World History Located in Anniston is the Berman Museum of World History, which hosts a vast collection of art and artifacts spanning the history of the world. There are items on display that range from ancient weapons to art and artifacts of the Roman Empire to through the modern era. The exhibits on display showcase the unique civilizations and conflicts that have contributed to the formation of the world.

Wander down Noble Street in Historic Downtown Anniston Busy market days take over the town section when the local theatre has performances. These busy days are, however the best time to get a feel of local culture along with its local cuisine.

Visit the Freedom Riders National Monument The Freedom Riders National Monument is a historic site laden with acts of what is considered extremely brave history insofar as the struggle against segregation in the ’60s is concerned. It offers educative exhibits and guided tours for members of the public to get insight into history and the civil rights movement, with a huge major impact that Freedom Riders had on it.

Walking, biking, or running on the Chief Ladiga Trail Chief Ladiga Trail: This is a multi-use, paved 27-mile trail passing through Calhoun County and would be perfect for biking, walking, or jogging. This is the longest of Alabama’s rails-to-trails projects. Actually, it is the continuation of Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail, making it a brilliant day trip for anyone interested in fitness, the outdoors, or both.

Visit the Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail The Coldwater Mountain Bike Trail offers a world-class, premier riding experience for mountain biking enthusiasts. Over 35 miles of different types of trails, for riders of any skill level, truly make this a must-do for all with any desire to challenge themselves within this most beautiful of outdoor environments.

Go to a performance of the Knox Concert Series The Knox Concert Series in Anniston is dedicated to providing the area with great music, theater, and dance. It offers an excellent prospect for enjoying beautiful, classic music, ballet, and other performing arts in a festive, sophisticated atmosphere.

Hang loose at Oxford Lake and Park Oxford Lake Park – is a great spot for families to have a picnic, walk the track, and play on the playground with much sporting area. The park does festivals and events through the year.

Visit Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge This refuge is managed for the longleaf pine ecosystem. Bird watching, hiking, and the opportunity to see wildlife are activities that may be pursued at this location. The spring and fall migrations are particularly beautiful.

Golfing at the Cider Ridge Golf Club Cider Ridge Golf Club, featuring an 18-hole golf course, is located in Oxford. Challenging and breathtaking in beauty with excellent facilities, this golf course is the gem of local golfers and any who come to seek an experience of class.

Join In on Anniston Runners Club Activities For those who like community sports, Anniston Runners Club offers an array of races of varying distances and difficulties all year long. It’s a great way to get connected with locals and stay out there.

Calhoun County Veterans Memorial Park The park celebrates the commitment of veterans of the United States through monuments and educational displays. It is a place of reflection and poignantly speaks of military history.

Attend the Woodstock 5K One of Alabama’s oldest and most famous races, the Woodstock 5K stands out in attracting runners from all over the nation. Music festivals come in with this tradition to make it one beautiful experience for anybody involved, be it a participant or a spectator.

Try Local Dishes From Southern comfort food to international cuisines, Calhoun County can boast of its variety of dining. Local favorites include classic barbecue, homemade pies, and fresh farm-to-table offerings of all kinds. One can savor the Southern hospitality and flavor by exploring friendly eateries/sports.

    The following 15 activities and attractions provide a general overview of the Calhoun County Experience; from the outdoors to history or small town America, there is something here to suit just about every interest and taste. Enjoy the great opportunities Calhoun County has to offer all ages as well as interests, to enhance the travel adventure for the visitors.

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