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The 15 Best Things to Do in Cherokee County, Alabama

Cherokee County in Alabama is a land of history, natural beauty, and community life. The county is located in the northeastern part of the state, and it is one with vibrant activities and attractions catering to all ages and interests. Here is a closer look at the top activities to do when in Cherokee County:

Weiss Lake Often nicknamed the “Crappie Capital of the World,” Weiss Lake draws anglers to a more than 30,000-acre lake, perfect for fishing, water skiing, or whatever you want to do on the water. You can rent a boat, get one of those lakeside cabins, or even just sit by the shore. Plenty of options to enjoy and take in the beautiful scenery.

Little River Canyon National Preserve One of the greatest natural attributes of the state of Alabama, this preserve is famous for its deep gorges, scenic waterfalls, and diverse ecosystems. With these features, the preserve offers a place for taking part in hiking or kayaking, bird watching, and, most of all, it can be attractive to a nature lover.

Little River Canyon National Preserve

Cherokee Rock Village A unique geological big feature, Cherokee Rock Village is made up of huge formations of sandstone boulders. The place is great for hiking and rock climbing, with great panoramic views over the country. With its huge rock formations and trails, the spot is simply awesome to experience outdoor adventures with the whole family or for those adventure buffs.

Cherokee County Fair The Cherokee County Fair is an annual event and one of the community highlights, with exhibitions of agriculture, rides, and games for this old-fashioned fair. Live entertainment is held, bringing the community and visitors to celebrate the heritage and culture of the county.

Cornwall Furnace Park Step back in time to discover Cherokee County’s role in the Civil War. Cornwall Furnace was built during 1862 and is one of the few preserved reminders of the iron-making that was done here. This park around the furnace is quiet and beautiful, perfect for picnics and leisurely walks.

Fish on the Coosa River The Coosa River traveling through Cherokee County is also a great fishing spot with a real draw for the angler who is concentrating on the bass species. Abundant populations of fish and great natural surroundings provide anglers with places for a peaceful day of fishing.

Kayaking in Terrapin Creek Terrapin Creek makes a beautiful kayak run. This clean water, spectacular surroundings, and recommended run are good for both novices and experienced kayakers.

Cherokee County Historical Museum Situated in this museum are chronological artifacts and exhibits that enact the history of the county from Native American times up to today. The museum has on display large collections of Native American artifacts, Civil War memorabilia, and items that have to do with this county’s agricultural and industrial past.

Centre Fall Festival Centre Fall Festival is a great way to get involved in the community of Cherokee County: crafts, food vendors, live music, and activities for children. It is one good means by which one can get to feel the culture and spirit of involvement within the community of Cherokee County.

Ethel Morrison Memorial Park This beautiful park offers recreational amenities for families, from walking trails and playgrounds to sports fields. The Cedar Bluff Park is such a great place for families to spend their day outside, close to nature, and generally away from open-community influences.

Leesburg Day Leesburg Day is that part of the year where people engage in a fine arts and crafts vendor celebration with food booths and live entertainment. Everywhere, the rest of life enjoys in this bluff and vibrant community of Cherokee County.

Chief Ladiga Trail Running through Cherokee County is the Chief Ladiga Trail. This is the sister trail to Georgia’s Silver Comet Trail and another diamond that offers a truly beautiful paved ride to cyclists, runners, and in-line skaters. It passes through scenic vistas and charming, picturesque small towns.

Spirit of American Citizenship Monument Located in Centre, the monument speaks of the American values around citizenship. Consequentially, it gives a reflective site where visitors can ponder about the actions and privileges of citizenship.

Antique Shopping in Centre Centre, located in Cherokee County, is home to many antique stores. Shopping in these stores gives visitors an opportunity to catch a little bit of yesteryear and some very unique finds.

Cedar Bluff Liberty Day Celebration This annual event is celebrated with fireworks and live music at Cedar Bluff, with a range of free, family-friendly acts. The community-wide celebration brings residents and visitors together in a festive atmosphere.

    Cherokee County definitely offers an all-encompassing, engaging traveling experience rich with historical background, beautiful natural landscapes, and an active community life.

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