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The 15 Best Things to Do in Chilton County, Alabama

Chilton County, Alabama, is the place where they grow peaches, but the county offers something that is more widely sweet than the fruits grown in this Alabama gem. Here are the 15 best things to do whether one is a local or has just decided to travel to Chilton County:

Visit the Chilton County Peach Festival The highlight of the year is the annual festival that celebrates a harvest of peaches in Chilton County. The festival features a parade, a peach queen pageant, live music, and art and craft exhibitions—it is truly an event for family fun and a great way to experience local culture.

Experience Minooka Park This park caters to outdoor activities that include hiking, fishing, and ATV riding. Its sprawling trail network is essential for riders, while its tranquil lake provides great fishing and picnic areas.

Tour the Confederate Memorial Park The site of this state historic site is located in Marbury, being the only site for Confederate veterans’ homes in Alabama. The park contains a museum with exhibits and information pertaining to the soldiers and the Civil War era, all through artifacts and exhibits.

Find out more about the Durbin Farms Market Make a stop at Durbin Farms Market for a taste of the best, especially during the peach season of the locals. Here, one can find fresh fruits, homemade jams, local honey, and an ice cream parlor for tasting peach ice cream sourced from locally grown peaches.

Make a trip to Petals from the Past This nursery specializes in antique roses and heirloom shrubs, alongside hard-to-find plants. In addition, the nursery conducts various garden workshops and tours, thus rendering it filled with education and inspiration—as of now, a favorite place among gardening enthusiasts.

Go Fishing at Higgins Ferry Park Located on the shores of Lay Lake, Higgins Ferry Park is perfect for fishing and boating. There are also facilities for picnicking and overnight camping, making it a great place for weekend getaways.

Trace the Trails along the Mitchell Dam Apart from been used to generate hydroelectric power, Mitchell Dam is a scenic site, with a number of hiking and nature trails. The area is photogenic and enticing for photographers.

Taste the local wines at Hidden Meadow Vineyard Hidden Meadow Vineyard offers wine samples of some locally-made wines. The vineyard will also be opened for comfy tastings within their setting and vineyard tours.

Attend the Thorsby Swedish Festival The celebration will be dedicated to the Swedish heritage in this town, including various traditional foods and crafts and cultural activities. The festival is just one way to learn about the history of Swedish immigrants in Chilton County and to enjoy their culture.

Visit the Chilton County Arts Council The Arts Council often organizes the participation of local creators and performers in art exhibitions, presentations, and other representative forms of cultural life. These can be a great opportunity not only to get to know the creative people of the city but also to plunge into the local culture.

Visit the Historical Society Museum The Chilton County Historical Society is based in Clanton and operates a museum that features a number of artifacts and documents that tell the tale of the county. The museum is a great place to be more educated about the region.

Walk through Clanton City Park At Clanton City Park, a family can take time out to relax with tennis courts, playgrounds, and walking paths.

Attend the Chilton County Craft Fair This annual craft show brings together local artists to show pottery, jewelry, textiles, woodcrafts, and a lot more in art. This is the best chance to find a real gift and support craftspeople.

See a Show at the Corner Theatre The Corner Theatre, found in Clanton, has a number of live performances throughout the year. You will find anything from local plays and musicals to concerts. Coming to a show here is a great way to enjoy local talent and have a night out in our community.

Indulge in the Peach Jam Jubilee Another peach-centered event is the Peach Jam Jubilee, an evening of family fun with live music, food vendors, children’s activities, and fireworks. It is the way to close off the end of the festival with a bang and in style. It is the celebration of community and pride in agriculture.

    Chilton County has always worn its agricultural heritage on its sleeve, but at the same time blends in a love of nature and arts. All this makes for a county that is warm and inviting with a taste for the slow side of life and a flavor of genuine Southern hospitality.

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