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The 15 Best Things to Do in Clarke County, Alabama

You will find a rich heritage of history, culture, and natural treasures in this southwest Alabama county. With its rich heritage and scenic landscapes, Clarke County offers a variety of activities for visitors and residents alike. Here are the 15 best things to do in Clarke County:

Stop at the Kathryn Tucker Windham Museum Situated in Thomasville, this museum honors the life and career of Kathryn Tucker Windham, an internationally acclaimed storyteller, writer, and journalist. The museum contains a collection of personal items, photographs, and audio-visual presentations from her celebrated life in Southern folklore and literature.

Explore the Alabama River The Alabama River running in Clarke County offers a lot for fishing, boating, and bird-watching activities. This river is a very important constituent in the natural environment of the county and encourages quiet retreats for nature lovers.

Hiking at Fred T. Stimpson Wildlife Sanctuary This holding provides prime wildlife habitat, with more than 5,400 acres accessible, including areas managed for trophy buck. Hiking here can result in sightings of a great variety of wildlife and native plants in a beautifully preserved setting.

Tour the Clarke County Historical Museum Situated in Grove Hill, the museum showcases artifacts that trace the history of the county since pre-European settlement through the 20th century. Collections within it include the Native American period, Civil War relics, and items from the early industrial and agricultural era.

Attend the Grove Hill Memorial Day Fair The event also offers arts and crafts, food vendors, live music, and activities for the children. All are quite warm and adequate that it emanates the smell and feel of culture surrounding the local community, spiraling through the atmosphere festively.

Make it to the Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge Located on the Tombigbee River, the refuge plays host to a plethora of wildlife, from alligators to waterfowl to a variety of fish. It’s also a nice spot for bird-watchers, anglers, or people who enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Go to the Pine Hill Depot Day Festival A celebration of the rich history of the town, Depot Day features parades, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and historical exhibits. It’s a festival full of fun for all age groups because it underscores the local heritage and community.

Paddle a canoe on the Tombigbee River One of the most amazing ways to view the scenic beauty and wildlife within the region is by paddling on the Tombigbee. Rent one canoe and paddle through the peaceful waters around the rich flora and fauna into diversified ecosystems.

Play golf at the Jackson Links Golf Course Play a round of golf in Jackson on this well-manicured 9-hole course. This play gives a challenge to a young or mature man, set off by the wonders of the Clarke County landscape.

Bashi Creek Public Use Area This region is well endowed with hunting, fishing, and wildlife-viewing activities. The Bashi Creek area is characterized by green undergrowth and a wide variety of bird species, hence a very suitable area for birding.

Go to Old Lock 1 Park This historic park, located near Jackson, offers some of the finest camping and fishing to be found. Remnants of one of the old locks on the Tombigbee River are still at the site, providing insight into regional river navigation history.

Take in the Clarke County Rodeo Come and enjoy the thrill of a real, good, old-time Southern rodeo—with all activities such as bull riding, barrel racing, and roping events. This Indian rodeo is a rousing, non-stop celebration of skill and guts, with a ton of entertainment on hand for the audiences.

The kids dig the slides. Heck, I dig the slides! They are a lot of fun and the kid in me wishes the slide was a mile long and waxed with super slippery polish!

Walk Downtown Thomasville Explore quaint shops, down-home cafes, and small-town courtesy right in the heart of Thomasville. Take a leisurely walk for unique gifts, a meal, or just to sip on coffee and take in the small-town charm.

Fish at Lake Jackson Lake Jackson lies within Jackson and is a surface used for local fishing. It’s stocked with bass, bream, and catfish so the community can enjoy a nice and quiet day under the sun.

The Turkey Day Classic The Turkey Day Classic is an annual traditional celebratory event in Thomasville which includes a festive parade, football games, and community dinner. This has been a used tradition to convene the residents and even visitors to celebrate the holiday season.

    It’s the rich combination of Clarke County’s historical sites, natural beauty, and cultural events that make up Clarke County as the most enticing venue to explore the rich heritage and scenic wonders of Southwest Alabama. Whether you are a history buff or enjoy communing with nature, Clarke County offers a myriad of activities by which to engage and encompass your time.

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