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The 15 Best Things to Do in Clay County, Alabama

Clay County is in Alabama, resting in the shadows of the Appalachian Mountains, washing over great cascades of natural beauty, and coating itself with the settings that bring classic country charm. It combines travels for outdoor sensations and forays into history or just in search of peace and quiet by the countryside landscape. Here are 15 best things that you can do in Clay County:

Hiking at Cheaha State Park Mount Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama, home to Cheaha State Park. Superb views and a number of different hiking trails emanating from here, it is a must for all nature and adventure aficionados.

Visit Wedowee Lake Named the R.L. Harris Reservoir officially, the people and visitors are more familiar with Lake Wedowee as a great place for fishing, boating, and swimming. One can see with its clean water and nice shoreline how this would be a perfect scene for a day of leisure or playing in the water.

Clay County Museum Visit The museum in Ashland, the county seat, abounds with artifacts, photographs, and documents that put the visitor in touch with a diversified past. It’s a great place to learn firsthand about local heritage and the evolution of this rural community.

Visit the Clay County Fair The annual Clay County Fair features livestock shows, arts and crafts, live music, and traditional fair food. This is a fun family event and offers an area’s agricultural tradition.

Drive the Scenic Byways The county is host to the Appalachian Highlands Scenic Byway. The views of the mountain ranges and valleys the traveler is privy to, and the forests – most beautiful in the fall when the leaves have changed colors – can be breathtaking.

Hatchet Creek Fishing Its clear, crystalline waters are replete with fish—a fly fisherman’s dream destination if ever there was one. Good fishing and good company are to be found in equal measure. It is one of the truly rare opportunities in Alabama during the spring to view the Cahaba lily in bloom while paddling in Hatchet Creek.

Kayaking and Canoe Both kayaking and canoeing are equally popular on the rivers and lakes within the county. In viewing the waters of Clay County, the serenity of the scenes and wildlife transforms into something completely different.

Golfing at the Clay County Golf Course Golf nine holes of golf at Ashland public golf course, the luscious background beautiful Appalachian landscape—hard and scenic golf.

Experience Lineville Heritage Day Festival This yearly festival is geared and designed to celebrate the heritage and culture of Lineville with a parade, live music, traditional crafts, and loads of good food. The event is very family-friendly and targeted at community members and visitors.

Horseback Riding Several trails and venues in Clay County draw the fans of horse back riding. Riding a horse through these landscapes one has an excellent chance to get close to the natural environment and enjoy the peace of the rural beauty filling the region.

Bird Watching The varied ecosystems of Clay County provide ample opportunities for bird watching. The birder can lift species from the forest of Cheaha State Park to Lake Wedowee’s shore throughout the year.

Visit High Country Cellars High Country Cellars is also located in the town of Ashland, offering wine tastings on a variety of their locally made wines. Their ambiance is very restful and warm for just lay-backing and sinking with some of the best flavors of the area.

Hike the Pinhoti Trail Part of a long-distance trail system, the Pinhoti Trail offers perhaps the best hiking in Alabama. This area travels across the Pinhoti Trail in Clay County—moving over portions of the most difficult terrain and making for some grand views of very beautiful natural countryside.

Antique Shopping in Ashland Antique shops are a popular pastime here in Ashland, as they are throughout the numerous small towns in Clay County, where one can find eclectic finds. It’s been called perhaps one of the most laid-back ways one could spend an afternoon, to stroll through these stores.

Camping at Cheaha State Park Visiting Cheaha State Park is an absolute must for those who wish to fully experience a natural setting. This park—without a doubt—gives campgrounds for tent and RV camping, which is definitely going to serve as a great base for checking out areas of wilderness.

    Clay County is a combination of the best features of natural beauty, historical sites, and a charming rural atmosphere, hence a place that is very ideal to visit for escapists from the noisy and crowded city life.

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