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The 15 Best Things to Do in Conecuh County, Alabama

Conecuh County is a land of rich history and beautiful natural landscapes, which accommodates the activities of history buffs, nature lovers, and those who appreciate moving at a slower pace through life. Following are the 15 best things to do in Conecuh County:

Conecuh National Forest: This is a broad national forest covering south Alabama and extending northwards into Florida. It is ideal for hiking, camping, or even bird-watching.

Evergreen Downtown: Stroll through the historic downtown of Evergreen. Meander amid quaint shops, restaurants galore—all nestled in well-preserved edifices.


Hank Williams Sr. Boyhood Home and Museum: To county music fans, this museum is a must when visiting the former home and location in Butler County, just south of Conecuh.

Blueberry Hill Farm: From the time of early summer, visitors and locals can be seen at Blueberry Hill Farm picking fresh blueberries. It is great fun for a family and a good spot to taste some of the local fruits produced.

Sepulga River Canoe Trail: This river trail offers a scenic, peaceful way for people to explore the beauty of the water bodies in Conecuh County.

Conecuh Sausage Factory: Visit the place where the famous Conecuh sausage is produced. You can tour the facility and learn something about the working process besides making your own purchase.

Evergreen-Conecuh County Public Library: Visit the local library, which usually has community events and programs—in essence, at the heart of any community.

Booker’s Mill: Take a walkthrough in this historic site, featuring an old gristmill, a re-constructed log cabin, and other structures —a picture of what rural life in the 19th century was like.

Evergreen Murals: It is hard to lose your way because of the many murals that are portrayed in color in Evergreen, depicting the town’s richness history and culture. These masterpieces are a way of adding value to the aesthetic of the town and celebrating the endowments of heritage.

Burnt Corn Creek Park: Just a country park with picnic areas, walking tracks, and a very slowly moving creek—perfect for doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the day with family or friends.

Middleton Field: Small airport, but visit during an event or airshow. It’s also interesting for aviation enthusiasts to see various small aircraft up close.

Conecuh County Courthouse: An architectural gem located in Evergreen, representative of the long history of the county.

Evergreen Golf Club: This community club has been always welcoming for anyone who would like to enjoy an interesting game of golf since it has a good track, for novices and professionals.

Old Town Cemetery: Visit this historic cemetery, which offers a look into the past with graves dating from the early 19th century. It’s quite a reflective spot for those interested in local history.

Annual Conecuh County Collard Green Festival: Come out and join in the fun as we celebrate a Southern staple—collard green. The event is filled with food, music, and crafts, making it one of the highlights in the community.

    Conecuh County is a beautiful blend of history, natural surroundings, and Southern culture, in which residents and visitors find in their life a chance to move on a little slower—a bit more relaxed yet enriched in the way they find pleasure in their life.

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