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The 15 Best Things to Do in Covington County, Alabama

Covington County, Alabama, is a mecca for outdoor recreation, cultural activities, and historical attractions. Here are the 15 best things to do in this beautiful, inviting part of the state:

Frank Jackson State Park: This park is located in Opp and is best known for its clear lake ideal for fishing, boating, and swimming. It also houses a couple of picnic areas and some trails.

Rattlesnake Rodeo: A yearly event in Opp, complete with demonstrations and exhibitions on snakes, coupled with concerts, craftsmen, and food vendors. This is a colorful cultural phenomenon, one of a kind, which attracts not only Americans but international enthusiasts from all over the world.

Andalusia Downtown Square: The historic courthouse is right in the heart of Andalusia and is surrounded by local shops and quaint eateries. This square serves as ground zero for a number of community events.

Point A Lake: Point A Lake is located just outside of Andalusia. It is a lovely spot with still waters and nice bass fishing; fishing and boating are the two main pastimes popular at Point A.

Covington Historical Society: Situated in Andalusia, the museum primarily displays local history. Artifacts, photographs, and documentation about the region’s past are at the heart of the exhibits.

LBW Community College Theater: Experience a community theater play, musical, or concert in Andalusia where local artists and touring shows perform.

Conecuh National Forest: Get out into the fringes of this national forest that expands into Covington County, presenting opportunities for hiking and birding while taking in the native flora and fauna.

Andalusia Ballet: Go see a ballet in Andalusia directed by the in-house ballet company that performs productions ranging from classical to avant-garde.

Three Notch Museum: Located in an old train depot in Andalusia, visitors learn the history of the local railroads, pioneer life, and military artifacts.


Blue Lake Camp: It is a Methodist retreat camp facility, with a lot of camping and outdoor activities during summer, in a near-Andalusia setting.

Covington Center Arena: Look to see what’s happening at this Andalusia mega-arena, which hosts rodeos, concerts, and other big gatherings.

Gantt Lake: A loved area for water sports and sunbathing is Gantt Lake, where you can boat, fish, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Florala State Park: The state park at the southernmost point of the county sits right on Lake Jackson with swimming, picnicking, and hiking.

World Championship Domino Tournament, Andalusia: Compete or watch in this yearly regional domino competition that brings in players from all over the country.

Solon Dixon Forestry Education Center: This education center, just outside Andalusia, provides information on sustainable forestry practices and local ecology to those interested in forestry and conservation.

    Covington County is a cultural land of intrigue wrapped in a stunning natural package: a place so compelling it is found in the heart of Southern Alabama. There is so much to do in this vibrant community of Covington County: from outdoor adventures, cultural performances, to the local history.

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