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The 15 Best Things to Do in Crenshaw County, Alabama

Crenshaw County, South Central Alabama – a wonderful blend of history, nature, and community events. Here are 15 things you will want to check out while in Crenshaw County:

Luverne Historic District: Explore downtown Luverne, take in the charm of this historic area—with many buildings from the turn of the 20th century—and shop at the numerous shops and restaurants in the district.

Crenshaw County Lake: Pass the time fishing, boating, or picnicking at this 53-acre lake, serenely located just outside Luverne. It’s a very popular site for catching bass and bream.

Douglas MacArthur State Technical College Arboretum: Take a walk through this beautiful arboretum based in Opp. The Arboretum alone constitutes a wonderful environment to walk around and observe different plant species.

World’s Largest Peanut Boil: Every Labor Day weekend, in Luverne, the World’s Largest Peanut Boil takes place in the middle of town to celebrate the local peanut harvest with fresh-boiled peanuts, festivities, and community gatherings.

Danielsville Historic District: Walk in the Danielsville Historic District to view excellent examples of rural architecture, well-preserved to enlighten one on the history of the area.

Brantley Historic District: Meander through this area to get a feel for the historic homes and buildings that have played a critical central role in Brantley’s growth over the past years.

Chapel Hill Meeting House: Stop at this historic site outside Luverne and see the early settlement pattern of the area and religious history of the region.

Crenshaw Community Park: Sports fields, playgrounds, and walking trails grace this community park in Luverne.

Patsaliga River: Canoe or kayak its waters for great views of Crenshaw County landscapes.

John D. Harrison Cultural Center: Take in an event or exhibition at Luverne’s cultural center showcasing art shows, musical performances, and more.

Turner Park: Located in Luverne, this park offers a range of recreation amenities, including tennis courts, baseball fields, and a walking track.

Crenshaw County Fair: Come out and enjoy the fun of the annual county fair with rides, games, livestock, and local food.

Crenshaw County Historical Society Museum: Stop in at Luverne and learn all the local history with artifacts, photographs, and documents describing them.

Panhandle Pioneer Settlement: Technically, it’s just outside Crenshaw County, but where else are you going to send the kids for a look at rural life in the early 1900s? The place is packed with old buildings and demonstrations.

Annual Christmas Parade: Get involved in the local holiday spirit at the annual Christmas Parade in Luverne, including floats, marching bands, and community-wide celebration.

    Crenshaw County is a quiet place, with rural charm and quaint towns. Go there to get away from it all: back in time with nature’s beauty and Southern Alabama’s hospitality. Whether it’s activities of the outdoors, historical exploration, or a good community festival, Crenshaw County stands with an offer for you.

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