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The 15 Best Things to Do in Dale County, Alabama

Dale County is a southeast Alabama county whose history, culture, and outdoor activities blend with every guest to find something of interest. It is a personalized guide to 15 things to do in Dale County, Alabama, to seek an invitation to this diversified area.

U.S. Army Aviation Museum: Located in Fort Rucker, this is one of the must-visit places when you are a lover of aviation. The museum possesses one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world, providing interesting glimpses of army aviation.

Ozark Civic Center: All manner of events are held at the Ozark Civic Center, ranging from concerts and plays to trade shows and community proceedings. Here is where the heart of Dale County beats.


Ed Lisenby Lake: Another name for Ozark City Lake, this is an excellent site for fishing and boating, plus walking trails around the lake. It is a 92-acre lake nestled in the arms of nature, making it an ideal destination for all nature lovers.

Dowling Museum/Ann Rudd Art Center: Get to know local art and history at the Dowling Museum/Ann Rudd Art Center in Ozark; its exhibitory glories, changing exhibitions, and permanent collections represent area artists and historical artifacts.

Claybank Log Church: This historic church, a site from the 1800s, will give you a chance to witness the early pioneer life of this area and is very well preserved, offering a quiet spot for thoughts and reflection.

Eagle Stadium: Local football events or other sporting events are best experienced and enjoyed in Eagle Stadium at Ozark. It is a community gathering place and pretty well showcases the local talent and spirit on the school level.

Daleville Culture and Convention Center: Get involved in or view some of the activities at this up-to-date facility, from dance recitals to business conferences, further illustrating the vitality of community life in Daleville.

Choctawhatchee River: Take in the beauty of the Choctawhatchee River by canoeing, kayaking, or fishing. Many wildlife enthusiasts are attracted to this river due to its rich ecological composition.

Ozark Folk Center: The heritage of the place can be observed here—from hands-on projects to live demonstrations and performances.

Dale County Lake: Local favorite for anglers and outdoor hobbyists, Dale County Lake provides excellent sites for fishing and tranquil natural habitat to spend a day outdoors.

Ozark Country Club: Have a challenging round of golf or socialize with local people in the clubhouse; this is an excellent place to enjoy a casual attitude in Ozark.

Flowers Center for the Performing Arts: Located in Ozark, it provides the community with several performances, from theaters to just about any kind of concert and ballet.

Ozark Blackwell Field: For those interested in aviation, it is a small airport for propeller airplanes and flight training. It is located in Ozark, but it is often used for different community and air events.

Landmark Park: Just a little drive from Dale County in Dothan, this place leads you to the historic agricultural park.

Southern Broadway Dinner Theater: This dinner theater, located in Enterprise, just outside Dale County, is known for its great plays and superb food.

Welcome to Dale County: The experience is part of Alabama’s rich tapestry of experiences in history and culture, set against natural beauty and friendly towns with abundant wealths. Dale County invites you to explore the diverse experiences that lie waiting in these parts: the past, the outdoors, and the local culture.

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