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The 15 Best Things to Do in DeKalb County, Alabama

Nestled in the very northeast corner of Alabama is DeKalb County, an area that has been touched by the beauty of nature, the heritage of history, and the spirit of thrilling attractions that are sure to awaken the sense of adventure, history, and relaxation. From the beautiful waterfalls of Little River Canyon to the quiet streets of Fort Payne, it is the following 15 best things to do in DeKalb County, Alabama that take adventure, history, and relaxation in stride.

Little River Canyon National Preserve: This pristine preserve brings the opportunity for the nature lover to hike, kayak, and experience the panoramic view of one of the deepest canyon systems of the eastmost branch of the Mississippi.

DeSoto State Park: A back-to-nature park that is an attraction for the masses through the beauty and waterfalls as well as the sheer number of hiking trails, campgrounds, and bird-watching opportunities. The perfect spot for adventure snuggled against the backdrop of the great outdoors.

Mentone: Enclosed in by a quaint mountain town, Mentone turns the opportunity for an arts community, antique shopping, and charming bed and breakfasts. Don’t underrate the beauty of the area as well as the artisan crafts that make Mentone a destination that is worthy of escaping to.

Fort Payne Depot Museum: This museum that is housed in an old 19th-century train depot turns the opportunity for exhibits that chronicle the history of Fort Payne and DeKalb County, including the history of the Native Americans and the area hosiery industry.

Collinsville Trade Day: One of the largest outdoor markets of the South is calling your name. The Collinsville Trade Day takes place each and every Saturday and is an antiques, crafts, and local produce adventure.

Sequoyah Caverns and Ellis Homestead: The cavern has not opened its doors for the public as of this point, but the reopen is in progress. These caverns have some impressive underground formations and crystal-clear pools that have the detail of the beauty of the ceiling of the caves.

Lookout Mountain Parkway: Take a drive in this scenic parkway that goes in and out of the county and get to enjoy the long-range view that is afforded, especially during the fall when the foliage is spectacular.

Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center: Check the events that are scheduled to be held in this Rainsville center that has rodeos, trade shows, and agricultural fairs all the year-round.

True Adventure Sports: Get some adventure with rappelling, rock climbing, and zip-lining with the aid of guided trips by True Adventure Sports in the scenic environs near Fort Payne.

Sallie Howard Memorial Chapel: With a large boulder that is a part of it with a cross that is carved into the rock, the Mentone chapel is a beautiful architectural marvel and a peaceful place of reflection.

Fort Payne Opera House: Have the luxury of watching a play that is shown live in this historic stage, which was built originally in 1889 and which is still a host to plays, concerts, and other performing arts.


Alabama Fan Club and Museum: Check out the museum that is dedicated to the country music band Alabama, which was, it turns out, founded in Fort Payne. It is a mecca for music lovers and a dedication to the contribution of the band.

Fyffe UFO Days: Celebrate the local tradition of the sightings of UFOs in Fyffe in this tongue-in-cheek annual festival, complete with themed events, music, and food.

Buck’s Pocket State Park: Hike through this secluded park, which is an ideal spot for camping out, hiking, and also fishing. It is famous for its scenic overlooks and peaceful surrounds of natural beauty.

Big Mill Antique Mall: Stroll through a wide variety of antiques, vintage collectibles, and trinkets at this large mall located in Fort Payne, and a fabulous place for going in search of that special, one-of-a-kind find.

DeKalb County—as a combination of natural beauty and historic interest—has a varied underlying fabric as an experience. No matter whether your interests in travel take you into the outdoor pastime, the historic pilgrimage, or just getting away from the toils and stresses that overarch your existence, DeKalb County has the framework for a visit that you will long remember.

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