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The 15 Best Things to Do in Escambia County, Alabama

In the southern part of Alabama lies Escambia County, filled with trees, history, and beauty. This spot is a treasure for those who love the outdoors, old tales, and quiet places. Let’s dive into 15 top things to do in this lovely area:

Little River State Forest: Wander in the woods, catch fish in the lake, or sleep under stars in your tent. Nature lovers will adore the peace and fresh air here.

Brewton’s Old Town Streets: Stroll around Brewton’s heart to see old buildings, shop in small stores, and eat tasty food. It’s a peek into the town’s rich past with beautiful sights.

Art at Jefferson Davis College: Check out art made by folks from around here and beyond. It’s Brewton’s art corner, sparking inspiration and sharing beauty.

Brewton City Park: This park is where the community comes together. Kids can play, adults can walk, and families can enjoy time outside. It’s the perfect spot for a fun day.

Country Club in Brewton: Hit a golf ball on this pretty and tough course. Golf fans will find it a treat with lovely views all around.

Atmore’s Heritage Park Downtown: Packed with events like art shows and festivals, this park in Atmore is a nice place to chill and feel the local spirit.

Wind Creek Casino & Hotel in Atmore: Looking for fun? This spot has games, food, and shows. It’s where people go for a good time.

Thomas E. McMillan Museum: This place tells Escambia’s story with old things from Native American days to not so long ago. It’s a must for those who dig history.

Atmore Dragway: Feel the speed rush watching drag races. Car lovers will get a kick out of the local racing scene here.

Atmore History Group: Dive into the past with photos and stories from before. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to learn about old times.

Escambia Fishing Lake: Spend your day catching fish like bass and catfish. With spots to fish and sit, it’s great for a day outside.

Conecuh National Forest Bits: Touching Escambia, this forest offers more trails and outdoor fun. It’s wild and free for adventures.

Rikard’s Mill Park: Just outside Escambia, this park has a mill that still works, a blacksmith spot, and an old cabin, showing life in the 1800s.

Perdido Vineyards: Taste local Alabama wines and see how they’re made. Wine lovers will enjoy the peaceful vineyard visit.

Greater Escambia Arts: Watch or be in a play with this local theater group. They bring stories to life multiple times a year and support the arts scene.

    Escambia County mixes Culture, history, and nature beautifully, offering something for everyone. Whether into exploring the great outdoors or soaking up local life and tales, there’s much to find in this lively Alabama corner.

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