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The 15 Best Things to Do in Franklin County, Alabama

Franklin County, Alabama, is full of fun things to do for people who love history, nature, and culture. It sits in the northwest part of the state and mixes beautiful views with a deep past and lively town life. Here are 15 top things to do in Franklin County:

Dismals Canyon: Walk through this old, green forest on a 1.5-mile trail. See waterfalls, big rocks, and natural bridges. It’s also a place to spot tiny glow-in-the-dark bugs called Dismalites.

Bear Creek Lakes: Great for fishing, boating, and water fun. You can camp and have picnics here too, making it great for a day or weekend trip.

Red Bay Museum: See stuff from country singer Tammy Wynette’s life and learn about the area’s past.

Russellville Downtown: Walk around and look at old buildings in downtown Russellville. There are stores, places to eat, and a pretty courthouse.

Cedar Creek Reservoir: A nice spot for fishing and enjoying nature. It’s quiet and perfect for a calm day.

Franklin County Archives and Museum: Learn about the area’s history with lots of old pictures and items in Russellville.

Roxy Theatre: Watch a movie or a show at this old theatre in Russellville. It’s been around since the 1940s and is still a big part of the town.

Waco Theatre: Watch movies or shows here too. It adds to Russellville’s arts scene.

Freedom Hills: Great for hiking, hunting, and bird watching. It’s a good place to see Alabama’s wild side.

Rock Bridge Canyon Park: In Hodges, this park has over 27 miles of trails for horse riding, walking, and camping.

Russellville Public Library: Check out books and join in on events like readings and workshops for all ages.

Red Bay Water Park: Have fun with the family at this water park. It has slides, pools, and a lazy river, perfect for hot days.

Phil Campbell Hoedown Festival: Join this yearly fun with music, dance, food, and crafts. It shows off Franklin County’s happy spirit.

Slick Rock Park: In Bear Creek, this park has a disc golf course, trails, and fishing and boasting on Bear Creek.

Blue Springs Fish Hatchery: Learn about fish care and how hatcheries help local water life near Hodges.

Franklin County mixes nature’s calm and small-town charm, offering lots of chances to explore the outdoors, dive into history, and enjoy local ways. Whether you seek adventure or a quiet time in nature, Franklin County has something for everyone.

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