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The 15 Best Things to Do in Geneva County, Alabama

Geneva County, in the southeast of Alabama, is known for its welcoming small towns, lovely nature, and calm country vibe. Here are the 15 top things to do in Geneva, Alabama:

Geneva State Forest: Check out Alabama’s biggest state forest, with over 7,000 acres of woods. It’s great for walks, camping, fishing, and hunting, giving a calm place to enjoy nature.

River Fest: Don’t miss this yearly party in Geneva, with live tunes, arts and crafts, a river ride, and a catfish contest. It’s a fun way to see how the locals live and join in.

Big Oak: See this huge old oak in Geneva, which is one of the biggest and oldest in the state. It’s a special tree where the town’s first folk wrote the Geneva laws in 1903.

Fowler Park: This park in Geneva has stuff like a walk path, play area, and sports spots. It’s a go-to place for family fun and hanging out.

Geneva Lake: Have a day of fishing at this calm 100-acre lake filled with fish like bass and catfish. It’s also good for a picnic and enjoying the open air.

Choctawhatchee River: Go down the Choctawhatchee River, which has lovely views and great spots for fishing and seeing animals. It’s a gem for those who love the outdoors.

Pea River Outdoors: Get a boat or kayak and see the Pea River, a branch of the Choctawhatchee, known for its nice views and lots of animals.

Tomato Fest: Join the fun at Slocomb’s tomato party, with contests to eat tomatoes, a parade, and fresh tomatoes to try.

Strawberry Fest: Another fun local event, this fest shows off the area’s strawberries with food stands, crafts, and fun for the family.

Old Geneva: Walk around old Geneva and see historic buildings, local stores, and places to eat. The area shows off the town’s history and today.

Henderson Park: This park in nearby Enterprise has lots of walk paths, play spots, and a big pond. It’s a good day trip for families.

Wiregrass Fest: Join this Geneva party to learn about the Wiregrass area’s deep history with live shows, crafts, and old music.

Blue Springs Area: Check out this area near Geneva for hunting and seeing a lot of animals in the wild.

Enterprise Shops and Eats: Go to nearby Enterprise for more shops and food places. The city has a variety of eats and shopping.

Bellwood Antiques: For those who love old things, this shop in Geneva has a bunch of old finds, collectibles, and special stuff.

Geneva County’s mix of nature, community parties, and history spots makes it a sweet spot for those wanting to see Alabama’s quiet side. Whether you’re into outdoor fun, local traditions, or just a quiet break, there’s something in Geneva County for everyone.

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