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The 15 Best Things to Do in Greene County, Alabama

Gainesville Lake: Have fun fishing, boating, and playing on this lovely lake in the Tombigbee River area. It’s a top spot for folks who love to fish and for families too.

Safe House Black History Museum: In Eutaw, this museum shares stories of the Civil Rights Movement and local Black history. It was once a safe place for Martin Luther King Jr.

Kirkwood Mansion: Check out this old big house in Eutaw. It’s built in a fancy old style and shows what life was like before the big war in the south.

Eutaw Historic District: Walk around Eutaw to see more than 20 old houses that look just as they did a long time ago, showing the area’s rich past.

Rolling Fork River Tours: Take a boat tour on the Tombigbee River. You’ll learn about the plants, animals, and history of the river.

Greene County Courthouse: This old courthouse in Eutaw, built in 1869, is important for its special design and history.

Spoon River and Raft Creek: Go canoeing or kayaking on Spoon River and Raft Creek. It’s a peaceful place for spotting birds.

Eutaw Springs Battleground Park: This park marks the spot of the last big fight of the Revolutionary War in the Carolinas.

Finches Ferry Public Use Area: Great for camping and picnics, this river spot has boat ramps for easy water access, perfect for a day out.

Old Greene County Gaol: See this old jail in Eutaw, one of the oldest buildings in the county. It tells a story of how law and order worked back then.

Greene County Golf Course: Play golf here, known for its nice people and pretty views.

Myrtlewood Cemetery: Walk through this old cemetery in Forkland where famous local people are buried.

Eutaw Antiques: Look for old and special things to buy in Eutaw’s antique shops, from old furniture to Southern keepsakes.

Boligee Hill: Discover the history of Boligee Hill, known for its old houses and important past.

Annual Greene County Catfish Festival: Join in this yearly festival in Eutaw, celebrating the area with food, music, and crafts.

Greene County is perfect for those who love history, outdoor fun, and the calm of the countryside. From its historical spots to its beautiful nature, and getting to know the locals, Greene County shows the charm and spirit of this special part of Alabama.

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