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The 15 Best Things to Do in Hale County, Alabama

Moundville Park: See this old spot near Moundville, where a big group used to live long ago. The park has a museum and big dirt mounds left from those times.

Safe House Museum in Greensboro: Go see this house that once hid Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during hard fights for equal rights. It tells a big part of local stories and fights for fairness.

Greensboro Opera House: Catch a show at this old spot in Greensboro, a key place for culture since the late 1800s.

PieLab: Try some pie at this special spot in Greensboro. It began as a big idea and now is a place where people come together over yummy pies and good vibes.

Rural Studio: Visit Rural Studio in Newbern, a program by Auburn University that makes cool buildings and projects to help locals.

Museum of Rural Life: Found in Greensboro, this museum shows what life was like on the land long ago through things people used and stories.

Magnolia Grove: Walk around this old, grand home in Greensboro, now a museum showing how people lived back then, set among pretty grounds.

Lake Lurleen State Park: Close to Hale County, this park lets you fish, hike, camp, and have picnics by Lake Lurleen.

Hale County Lake: Enjoy a day of fishing or picnicking at Hale County Lake, a calm place known for good fishing.

Thomaston Cultural Arts Center: Go here for local art, community plays, and cultural events.

Oakmulgee District of the Talladega National Forest: Head into this forest close by for trails for walking, biking, and riding, plus chances to see animals and hunt.

Greensboro Public Library: Visit the library for programs, history bits, and a quiet spot.

Annual Greensboro Festival: Be part of the yearly fun in Greensboro, with food, music, and crafts that show off the place’s lively spirit and culture.

Canoeing on the Black Warrior River: Paddle down the Black Warrior River, enjoy the views, and maybe see some animals along the sides.

Downtown Greensboro: Walk around downtown Greensboro to see old buildings, shop, and soak in the small-town feel.

Hale County is full of stuff to do for those into history, nature, and arts. Its spots tell a lot about local life and history, making it a great place to check out in Alabama.

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